Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[Blogroll] Instant Blogroll from Bloglines

At Sam's urging, I'm letting all you Bloglines users know about a neat feature: Automatic blogroll creation.

You have to set it up properly (making things public -- it will walk you through it), but if you go to the "Share" tab in bloglines, you can have it generate an HTML snippet that you can add to your blog's template, and that in turn will generate a blogroll on your page, based on your subscriptions. So when you add a new blog, it shows up in your blogroll automatically. You can generate a blogroll for a folder ("Food" in my case, because I assume OWF's readers don't care about things like You can even fiddle with the style tags so that it fits the look of your site. (I have not yet)

There are some problems with this. Namely, I read some sites that don't have RSS feeds ( leaps to mind), and you don't get to add your own descriptions to the links, as I used to (and still do for other parts of my blogroll).

But it's a good way to assuage the I-never-update-my-blogroll guilt.

This Post was written by Derrick from Obsession with Food.


SusanV said...

You can still add sites that don't have a feed, but you have to do it manually, on your blog, just before the bloglines code. I've done that on my blog list , and the only problem is that the added blogs are not in alphabetical order like the others.

Kalyn said...

I love finding out about this feature! Added to the "to do" list!

Piperita said...

Many thanks for sharing!!! I read the post on your blog, and I was wondering how you could do it!
And now you gave us all the directions!!!
I already add it to my blog!!!

Sam said...

thanks derrick!

noe if only google's reader would have such a feature...