Monday, July 24, 2006

Any stats experts out there?

My new host has two server based stats packages and I'm not sure which one to believe. Since April the lowest number of visitors has always been measured by AW Stats while the highest have come from Webalizer. I've always been inclined to believe the AW Stats figure but now in the past month the trend has reversed.

For example, in the first week of July AW Stats was typical for the past three months measuring about 600 visitors a day; Webalizer about 1,100 unique visitors.

Then on July 6 AW Stats hits nearly 1600 but Webalizer drops down to 1,000 and it's been the same ever since.

In short, Webalizer says I'm getting less unique visitors than usual while AW Stats figures have almost doubled saying I'm getting more. What's going on? Any ideas?

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Chris said...

Ed, while I'm not familar with these two stats packages, each one will have its own counting methodology. Some will count bots and spiders, others won't. If someone leaves your site open on the bottom of a pile of browser windows and them comes back to it, some products might count this as a new session, others might not.

Also, different tools count in different ways. Some use log files, others like SiteMeter uses pixels on your pages to track.

Is this the kind of information you were looking for?