Thursday, July 20, 2006

Embedding Video (mpg) Blogger?

I use video on Daily Eats from time to time. I've been having problems with embedding video through bloggger. It would seem the only way mpg file works is if I code it to start playing when the page loads. This can be annoying to some of my visitors.

Here's the source I use to generate code:

The only problem with using this code is the mpg won't play at all.
but the go around is to add the external link.

This is an example of how I originally would code:
as you can see the only way it works is if it starts playing when the page loads.

Any suggestions? Thanks very much!

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paul said...

The parameters inside your embed tag, in the beer can chicken link appear to have both double, and single quotes around them. That may cause problems.

Also, I don't see the embed in your second link, and somethings up in the parameters of the object tag that doesn't let my Safari Browser see the file (The external link is fine).

Nothing to do with troubleshooting this particular problem, but for advanced geeks - A List Apart has a new article on how to embed without the embed tag -
"If you want to validate your website, you have to get rid of embed. In this article, I’ll show you how."

Tery Spataro said...

Thanks so much Paul. This is so helpful. How are you and How's it going?