Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Photo Contest

The August 2006 issue of Food & Wine magazine has "a user-friendly guide to taking perfect food photographs..." and announces a photo contest. For more information, go to photo contest.

This Post was written by Amy from Not As Good As Pork Cracklins.


Lynda said...

Thanks for the info. I'm not going to enter the contest (I am a complete newbie in the field of photography, especially food photography), but I found the article and related articles interesting. It was great to see that they interviewed several food bloggers for the piece.

On a related note, what did you (and others) think of the camera recommendations? I would like to buy a better digital camera at some point in the future, but I know nothing about such things and would be interested in getting the perspectives of others on the subject.

Chubby Hubby said...

The contest is only open to US residents. How old fashioned and how pathetic. Means that amazing shutterbugs like Keiko or Melissa or Nicky and Oliver aren't allowed to take part. Sigh...

paul said...

Chubby, that just means one of us might just have a chance! : )

The Chicago Tribune recently did a piece on food blogging with a few photography tips.

Sam said...

It's seems a little daft to me to offer a camera as a prize in a photography competition. The chances are that the winner will already have a camera better than the one one offer as the prize. It would be nice if they had given away something more exciting - a holiday, a chance to attend a F&W food shoot, something like that.

It's an American magazine, though, so I agree it should be only open to US residents. A similar restriction would take place in every other country too. It isn't unreasonable by any means.

Plus many of these top food photo bloggers photograph professionally too now, so I think that would probably make them not legible for the competition in any case.

The Chief cook said...

This is really a good and bad contest. I think its great, because there are a lot of newbies out there on the photograph section, and Im one of them. The bad thing is that its only for US residents, and thats a shame. The internet has brought so many people together, cultures closer so why make a contest US resident only. 2 bad I say. Anyway, good luck to the contenters.

Alice Q said...

Heidi @ 101 Cookbooks also has a post up about food photography tips. I haven't had a chance to read it thoroughly yet, but I am sure it has some good pointers!

Andrew said...

And dont forget that DMBLGIT has plenty of inspiring entrants. Grab Your Fork is about to announce the winners for July

While foodbeam is hosting the August round (although I have not yet had confirmation from her...)

sam said...

If you are interested in bettering your food photography on your own blog, here are links to some great blogger resources on this subject:

Heidi 101 Cookbooks Tips
Matt Bites, Point Sip Click
Photographing Cold Drinks from Still Life With. You should check out the whole of this site. It's a treasure chest of photography tips from L.
L also runs the themed still life with FLickr group and Andrew and I run Foodography, new challenge coming soon.