Thursday, July 20, 2006

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Hi All,
This is my first post on the s'cool, and I want to thank everyone for making this such a supportive and knowledgeable community. I have learned so much through the well-indexed archives, and that brings me to my question: For those of you who have a lot of recipes on your blogs, have you set up a recipe index? How have you categorized your recipes and/or other content in your index? Do you have to add each new post to its proper category in the index or do you have a program to do that for you? I do not have loads of posts to deal with yet, so I want to start figuring out this issue before it becomes a really intimidating task. If you could share how exactly you set up the code for your index that would be helpful as well. I use Blogger. Thanks so much for your help with this and for all the advice you've already given me!

This Post was written by Julie from A Mingling of Tastes


Meredith said...


I have just began each post title that has a recipe in it, RECIPE, which is, admittedly, pretty lame. I like the idea of having a recipe directory. To add to Julie's question, is this even possible if I'm just using the free blogger services?

christine said...

I, also, would be very interested in how to index recipes on my blog. Kalyn does it beautifully. Could I get some tips?

Kalyn said...

Christine, thanks. The "beautiful" part is supplied by my talented brother who does the blog headers. The daily grind part is done by me. If I was starting a new blog I would not choose blogger again for this reason, no categories. But if you do use blogger, there are three good ways to do it:
1. With the recipe lists stored on a separate blog, like I do. Basically I have created my own categories, since blogger doesn'tdo it. I have links in the sidebar to each "post" in that blog which is a list of recipe "links" that link back to the post on my main blog. (If I'm not explaining it well, go to my blog and check the recipe archives and you'll see what I mean.) It's a bit labor intensive, but once you learn how to make the links, not too bad. (Be careful never to change your post titles because it screws up all those links. I learned that the hard way.)

2. With drop down menus, like Sam does on FBS for the categories, and on her blog for the recipes and blogroll. There are quite a few very good blogs that do it this way. I don't know how to do it, but there's a post about it here. I like it and might go that way if I was starting over.

3. Some people just use a previously dated page on blogger (before your very first post) as a page to store recipe links, with sidebar links to each category on the main page. This is similar to what I do, with the advantage that when people click on the recipe link pages, it counts as a pageload for your blog (where mine is on a different blog). Not a big deal, but again, if I was starting over and knew what I know now I would have done it that way.

culinary bookworm said...

This might not be helpful, Julie, since it looks like you've already gotten started with Blogger, but I chose Wordpress for that very reason. It has a categories feature, which allows you to check boxes beside category names for every post, and add new categories whenever you want. Wordpress is free also, if you want to check it out.

KT said...

I agree that this is a big minus with Blogger. I got around it by using del.ici.ous tags to create categories.

You can find multiple methods of creating categories here, including the del.ici.ous tags.

I only have one category for recipes, since I have several other types of posts I do, but maybe if I get a lot, I will figure out how to split the recipe category into subcategories as well.

Cate said...

Welcome to Food Blog Scool! For mine, I set up a separate blog, Sweetnicks Recipes, where I post just the recipes. Then I categorized them. Anything that fits in more than one category goes in each one to make it easier for those searching. Before my recent redesign, the recipes were in dropdowns. Now they're in lists. Hope this helps!

Meredith said...

Addendum to my earlier comment:

Julie's question got me thinking about how I could make all of my recipes easier to access from my home page. Because I don't know very much html, I decided to make a post (dated way before I started my blog) that was composed of links to recipes. I then made a link to it in my sidebar. It was the easiest thing I could come up with and it still took me over an hour because I was struggling with the code. But now I have a handy-dandy link that I can update by just editing the original post.

christine said...

Thanks to all of you and especially to Kalyn for her in-depth descriptions. Having come this far with Blogger, I'm thinking that the pre-blog dated page with links to the recipes will be the way I handle this.

Cyndi said...

I have two blogs, one with all my posts which include recipes, and the other with just the recipes. I made drop-down menus in the first blog, linking to the individual posts in the second one. My recipes are all easy to find that way. I did it the way Sweetnicks used to.

Julie said...

Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I'll have to ponder this with my husband who is kind of the webmaster-extraordinaire for my site.

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