Monday, July 17, 2006

Could you take a quick look?

Could you please take a quick look at my blog Lucullian Delights with Explorer and tell me whether it looks ok? When I did this right now, everything in the right hand margin had been dumped down at the bottom of the page. It looks ok with Mozilla. Does anybody know what has gone wrong? Thanks!

This Post was written by Ilva from Lucullian Delights


Joe said...

I see the same thing you do - side bar is at the bottom in IE, but looks fine in Firefox.

Pamela said...

IE is not tolerant of open tags, if the sidebar is jumping to the bottom of the screen 99 times out of 100 it is due to an open tag. Go through all of your tags in the last post/alteration you made and make sure they are all closed.

Cate said...

In AOL, sidebar is on the bottom left. Sometimes a picture size will do that.

ilva said...

Thanks! I'll have to dive into the tag question, I just wonder where it is...

Edward said...


I'm a blog s'cool first timer, and have only just signed in after being kindly invited by Sam.

This was essentially what I was concerned about too.

Must be karma that this the latest post topic. . .

Pamela - what do you mean by checking for open tags?

As to image sizes being too big and a cause of the problem, as suggested in a prior thread on this topic - how do you resize, if you use blogger and upload only the smallest image size?

Also does it help to alter the blogger template width for content and sidebar? I have tried doing this, with no luck to date, though this has been suggested.


Kalyn said...

Edward, if an image is more than 400 px wide you will have to re-size it in a photo editing program before uploading into blogger. Just using the blogger small size option won't prevent it from bumping the sidebar down.

Another thing that can bump the sidebar down is long links, or italics that come at the end of the line and bump over into the margin.

llva, I feel bad for you. I went to your blog in IE and tried clicking on the posts one at a time (under previous posts). Usually when I have a problem on my student blog I can find it that way, since each time you click on a post, it moves the list down one, and any post that doesn't have a mistake, the sidebar will pop back up. But your sidebar stayed down on every post and I went back a couple of months, so I'm guessing it's something in the template. No idea what.

paul said...

Edward, an open tag is one that was opened but not closed.

OK, I doubt that explaination helped. HTML tags need to be balanced - in other words they need both an open tag and a close tag. So a <p> tag needs a </p> tag. Also you need to be careful of nesting one tag inside another incorrectly.

See my post on code dabbling awhile back for more including links to validators that can help you proofread your code's syntax.

Edward said...

Big thanks for all the suggestions.
I have managed to correct the problem after only 30 minutes, with all the great advice. Prior to that had been fiddling for months!!

I found some redundant html code, in my sidebar, and as mentioned an open tag.

It has since been removed and now it seems ok!

You can't imagine how much better I feel.

Pamela said...

Glad to hear your problem has been resolved Edward!