Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogger Template Issues

Has anyone tried to update their blog template recently and had problems?

I want to update something in my sidebar, but everytime I login and look at my template, it only displays up to :

/* Footer
----------------------------------------------- */
# footer {
clear: both;
margin: 0;
padding: 15px 0 0;
@ media all

and the rest of the template is not displayed - so I can't edit anything!

I've now checked it on three different computers (on different networks), and it fails to work in both IE and Mozilla. Oddly enough another of my blogs' templates displays just fine!

Anyone else experiencing this? Have a look and check! Does my page still display fine for everyone?

This Post was written by Fahara from Souperior


Kevin said...

Aside from your sidebar not appearing next to the body (it's squeezed to the bottom) you blog looks fine.

nika said...

Thats a wierd artefact you are getting. I have updated as recently as yesterday and did not have any issues. Obviously the code is there because your site loads. try logging out of your account, closing your browsers and then relaunching and signing back in.

Gabriella True said...

or update your cookies. I just looked on mine and it worked.