Monday, July 10, 2006

[Traffic] What's your demographic?

Greetings from muggy, smoggy NYC.

Here's a fun tool. The Microsoft adCenter Labs Demonstration page claims to show who is reading your page. Do you have more male or female readers? Young or old? Put in your URL and see what they say.

My results show that I have a lot of 50+ readers and under-18 readers. I think the under-18s come because for some reason, "onigiri" and "obento" are deemed to be "anime food". The over-50s...not sure! (Though a lot of food sites seem to attract that age group.)

This link comes via AnilDash.

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Derrick said...

I put OWF in, and I'm dubious. I simply can't believe that a hugely disproportionate amount of <18-year-olds are drawn to wine notes, duck confit, and big dinner parties.

But who knows? Kids are constantly surprising.

Rachael said...

Dang. I'm an advertisers dream! 18-34 year old women. Whooo-eee.


Ellen said...

Interest. It says my main site ( is split about evenly, with the age group splits being fairly even, with even some under 18's, which is surprising. The blog however is split about 1/3 males and 2/3 female, with a heavy percentage (27%) in the 35-49 group.