Friday, February 02, 2007

Anyone in Los Angeles or Seattle want to be on tv?

Hey everybody,

As some of you may know, I was filmed by a production company from Los Angeles in May. They came to Seattle to film me walking around the farmer's market, and cooking in my home. Surreal as it was, the experience was tremendous. These are good people who truly care about food and people. I've stayed in touch with them and become friends with the woman who runs the production company.

The piece they filmed of me became a segment for a show they are producing, called The Power of Food. The Food Network bought my piece and run it every day (another surreal experience). Even though this is something I never expected, I'm happy it happened. Hundreds of people have written to me, thrilled to see the phrase "gluten-free" on the Food Network. I really feel as though I have been able to help people with this.

Now, here's the deal. The production company, SeeSaw Studios, needs more people. The Food Network has given them the money to film three more segments. One is already filmed. They are looking for two more stories, one in Seattle, and one in Los Angeles, to film next month.

Because these are such good people, and I had such a tremendous experience with them, I'm helping them out by putting out the call here.

Does anyone here know people in Seattle or Los Angeles with a good food story? They are looking for people who are articulate and not afraid of the camera, obviously. It's better if they are not promoting a book or restaurant, but are simply interested in sharing their story. Someone who started a bakery with her grandmother's recipes? Someone who has been able to do what she loves because of food? A person whose favorite recipe re-united him with his family? Someone who simply exudes joy at the pleasure of food?

Food bloggers understand the power of food. If you know of anyone (including yourself!) who would fit this idea, would you please let me know? My email is

Thanks, everyone.

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