Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm writing an article for my column at Spot-On entitled "Culinary Fundamentalism" about folks trying their hand at things like making sausage, making cheese, grinding their own wheat for bread, and roasting their own coffee beans. I've read blog articles recording all of these efforts but didn't keep links and can't remember where I read them. If you wrote such an article or remember where you read one, can you send me a link?

This Post was written by Kevin from Seriously Good.


Owen said...

Kevin - I have to get back to real blogging. I've been roasting coffee for a couple of months now. Have tried cheese making, do some beer making, etc.

The coffee thing is astonishing if you are a coffee lover by the way - cheaper, better and more fun all around.

Kevin said...

Do you have link I could point to?

Elise said...

Hi Kevin,

I have a lot of these links on my "learning to cook" series:

Learning to Cook

Click on the round ups to see the links to posts by other bloggers. There are some great ones.

Kevin said...


Kalyn said...

Hi Kevin,
Through Weekend Herb Blogging I ran across Anna from Anna's Cool Finds who makes her own soy milk, tofu, and then makes granola from the soybean leftovers. Don't know if this fits with what you're looking for, but I thought it was pretty unusual. Here is a link to something I wrote about it on Blogher (my Blogher post has links to all her various posts, great step-by-step photos):

For the Love of Soy

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin, I have a sullied reputation for my salt-drying adventure. I finally did boil down some sea water and achieve a pretty product, but I'm not using it in my food because I'm so unsure of the contents, other than NaCl. Then again, I have a new secret coastal source I'm planning on visiting soon for some pristine product.

Kevin said...

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I was already planning to sully your reputation further in this article -- it's too good a story to not include.{g}

FJK said...

This person is the most dedicated bread maker I've run across making all sorts of exotic, historic and "bakery" breads at home.


Silverbrow said...

Hi Kevin

I was thinking today that I needed to topup my stock of sausages. Here's my article the first time round.

all the best


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