Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Having trouble getting a photo on my profile - Please help

Hi Everyone,
Another Amelita Stupido question. When I go to put a photo on my profile it asks for web hosting. What is it and how do I do it?

This Post was written by Amelita from *SQUISHYNESS*


chanit said...

You can try what I did:
Load your photo in a small format in one of your posts(a new one)->publish that post.now open your Blog and click on that photo-->copy the link address and paste it into "Photo URL"-when you edit your profile .
I hope it works ;)
*Now you can delete that post.

cookiecrumb said...

I know I'm a mean old witch, but I think a lot of questions here on Food Blog S'cool lately have less to do with food blogs per se and more to do with simply learning how to operate a blog.
There must be other places to learn the basics of blogging.
OTOH, if nobody but the mean old witch minds, well then, carry on. It *is* nice to see that there are always people willing to help, and maybe some day I'll be the one asking the questions.

nika said...

Chanit: huhn clever. Sooner or later, if one is going to be doing "a lot" of photos on one's blog, you will likely want image hosting (I use flickr.com) but storing images on blogger is the first step.

Cookiecrumb: I understand where you are coming from. I am used to questions here where I don't even really get the answers (won't either until I need them and fish them out of the archives). These basic blogger specific issues are google-able. I think that a blogger that googles and searches the forums on blogger or where ever relevant will grow into their own. Otherwise, they tend to become frustrated when they do not get the answer from others right away. There is a balance in there somewhere.

Sam said...

Food Blog S'cool is a friendly community place where no food blogger should be afraid to ask any question they like on the subject of blogging or food blogging.

The blog roll has always described FBS as a place where
"together we can learn more about the technicalites of blogging "

Food Blog Scool actually started as a place for food bloggers to ask technical questions, not as a place to discuss food blogs/blogging only.

Let's remember why I started food blog scool.

The whole creation of food blog scool was actually inspired by a new food blogger who was asking the most basic of technical blogging questions at a bloggers gathering I attended one evening.

That's what gave me an idea to create a place where we could come, be among friends, be among people on the same food wavelength and ask for help without fear of looking stupid.

I am happy it has evolved to cover both lines of enquiry, technical and food blogging.

it is very easy for us old hands to dimiss these simple basics, but for someone new to blogging, these molehills can seem like moountains and I am not going to put a stop to people trying to get the help they need from this generous community.

Heck - some people don't even know how to search for the answers for these things on google. There is nothing to be ashamed of or wrong with that.

I hope no one feels afraid or that they can't post certain questions here. If you have any queries, drop me an email.


Squishy said...

Thank you Chanit for your help. I will try it. Also Nika Thank you for your help and I will give Flickr a go.

I was under the impression that help was what this site is about. I am not the most computer litterate person and all this is very new to me. I find the sites that you guys are referring to very difficult to understand with all the code lingo and IT references. It isn't written in a way that a basic internet user can grasp.

I hope that one day I can do it as well as you guys can, so I can help others on their food blogging journey as well.

Because of this site and peoples help. I have managed to increase the number of people reading my blog and alot of them are coming from other countries and I think that is fantastic. I am now starting to get some really great support from readers and it has only enhanced and encouraged me to continue my blogging journey.

Yes the photo thing was a basic question but I still can't get it right. Doh! I have been looking at the feed situation for months and was so confused, you guys have helped me so much.

Thank you Sam for your words of support. When I am able to answer questions on the site, I definately will, but at the moment I would probably hinder rather than help due to my lack of knowledge.

Cheers Amelita

cookiecrumb said...

I'm happy to chime in again.
First, apologies for snarking. I didn't mean to derail the conversation, and I'm actually pleased to be enlightened as to the true value of this school.
Second, to atone for my witchiness, I have this totally awesome site to offer for us to learn about Blogger from.

Squishy said...

It's all good, don't stress. I am not offended. It really is just a learning process. I am looking forward to sitting down when I get a moment and having a good read of your blog. Thanks Cookiecrumb. OHHHHHHH Cookies Yum!

Squishy said...

Thank you so much everyone. After 3 months of pure and utter frustration. I did it! That flickr thing is great :)

nika said...

squishy: So glad! Once you get past these initial settings and such its on to the fun and hard part .. writing and finding fresh stuff to write about. We all stumble through it in our own ways. You will find people in the food blog community that came to this already writers and who breeze through that, others come in as pro photogs, others with excellent coding skills or access to them. Comparing one's self to them can be really intimidating - dont do it!

Most of all tho, you will find that since we have come to game a bit late, the food blogosphere is pretty crowded so getting a readership can be hard. Do not be frustrated (tho you will be, its natural), slog on and write for yourself. I tell myself this every time I sit down to blog :-)

Squishy said...

Thanks Nika, I really just started to do this to rid myself of the insecurity I felt when I entered a reality show called the great BBQ Challenge. It made me doubt myself due to the regection at the end. It's now turned into a light hearted read that I plan on turning into a cookbook one day. Also being a Mum at home can be very unstimulating for the old brain. This helps alot. I want it to be different than other food blogs. Not that I don't like the other food blogs. I really enjoy them. I would like mine to be a real extension of my life and relateble. Also I am trying very hard to keep it lively and fresh. Thanks for the tips :)