Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi Everyone ,
I have a few questions please:
1. How can I reduce/make the letters smaller in my profile="about me",the English-Hebrew lines are too long? (a template change?)
2. How can I make the "NEXT" button after few posts ?
3. How can I put all my favorite (link) list (Food Blogs) in a scroll ?
4. How can I change the color/font type in my Blog Description which is in the Basic settings in my Blog?
5. How can I make the 'be continue' for every long post ?

I'll be glad and grateful to get any Idea/Tip to make my Blog look better.
Thank you .

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Sam said...

read this and this for question 5 (read the comments too they contain useful info.

I think a lot of the things you seem you want to do might be easier using the new blogger template otherwise. Have you switched to it yet? It might mess up your current template though.
Be careful.

good luck

chanit said...

Thank you sam !
I'll learn these 2 links; Yes I've switched to the new Blogger, but didn't switch to a new template yet .

FJK said...

Can't answer all your questions. I'm still clueless re read more in new blogger, but check the blogger user help group, I'm sure you'll find directions there. There is a link to it through blogger help.

As to blog header color and fonts, go to the new blogger layout page, select fonts and colors and you can change those there.

good luck

FJK said...

oops, just saw you are in new blogger but haven't switched to the new blogger version of your template. my tips won't help then.

If your blog is relatively new, I really advise switching and then customizing. You might find it less work later on.

chanit said...

Thank you fjk ! ;-)