Sunday, February 04, 2007

Restaurant Bloggers in Other Major Cities?

Hello everyone! The article in today's NY Times gave me an idea to publish a list of city-specific food bloggers who write about restaurants in major U.S. cities other than NY, SF and LA - cities like Portland, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Chicago, etc. If you write or know about such blogs, please leave a comment (either here or on the post) and fill me in. I'm pretty familiar with the SF and LA blogs, but if you have particular favorites that might be "undiscovered" - please let me know about those too.

I'm specifically seeking blogs with at least some restaurant content - if not 100%.


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Trig said...

For "major cities", I think you may have meant "major US cities".

Alice Q said...

Yes, I did - thanks for pointing that out. I'll make the change

Alanna said...

Hi Alice ~ My blog has occasional restaurant reviews for St. Louis. As luck would have it, I posted one this morning, just before I saw the story, so quickly updated it.

kiplog said...

Here's a few in Chicago -
vital information

I'd add myself, but I don't get out much anymore.

It's not a blog, but we do have our own very active food forum around here - lthforum.

Jennifer said...

My own site, Taste Everything Once, is very specific to Spokane, Washington.

Sarah said...

Well, Pittsburgh may very well not qualify as a major U.S. city, but its food bloggers don't seem to mind.

and yours truly:

Rachael said...

The Restaurant Widow, Columbus Ohio

The Restaurant Widow

Julie said...

Hi Alice,
I do occasional reviews of South Florida restaurants (Miami and Fort Lauderdale). I have a "South Florida" page devoted to these and other local content:
A Mingling of Tastes

Alice Q said...

Thanks guys! This is really helpful. I'm surprised I haven't heard of any in some cities, like Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis - but this is a great start.

JacquelineC said...

Hello - I write in Boston. Two of us even got noticed by Epi-log author Tanya Wenman Steel a while back for my snarky piece "Confessions of a Dining-In 12 stepper."
The Leather District Gourmet.

Gurgling Cod is the other Boston area blogger I'm most familiar with.

Jacqueline Church
Gourmet food writer,

Sig said...

Hi Alice,
I do reviews of Seattle restaurants in my blog.