Friday, February 09, 2007

Google Ad-Sense

Hello everyone,

I have a food blog that is < 1 week old. (and it looks like it) I'm in the process of developing it, and I realize that it's going to take a while to build up content. But in the process, I have some questions. In order to keep this fairly brief, I'll post them one at a time.

Google Ad-sense: I added this widget to my blog, but all it ever shows is a Public Service Ad for Hurricane Katrina Relief. How can I get it to show context-sensitive ads? Do I need to configure this somewhere?


This Post was written by Charles from Bi-Coastal Cook


Liz D. said...

Welcome back to Maryland! :) I would suspect that your seafood-related postings are bringing up the Katrina ads, however you have a nice one for Amazon right now (cookware). I think the more content you put up the more diverse your ads will become.

Silverbrow said...

Give it time and more content and the ads will come.

Curt said...

What type of income is anyone seeing from Adsense?

Charles said...

liz d. -- Thanks for the welcome! The Amazon links are affiliate links I put there myself. (affiliate, or associate, I'm not real clear on the difference at the moment). I hadn't even thought about the seafood-related posts tying in with Katrina. Thanks.

silverbrow & liz d. -- I'll just have to be more patient, and get busy with some more content. I wasn't sure how these things work, even though I've seen them for a while on my email account and such.

Thanks again!

Paul said...

I don't there is a connection between Katrina and seafood. I get those same ads when I view my blog in preview mode and when I first set-up my site. You get the Katrina and other public service ads because Google hasn't associated your content with other ads. Silverbrow is right, give it time and the ads will change.

Paul said...

I don't *think* there...

ugh, it's going to be a long day.

Cate said...

In the beginning, they run the public service ads. Once traffic and content build up, then it switches to targeted ads.

Charles said...

Cate, Paul,

Thanks for the insight. I'm pretty good at waiting.

Owen said...

You have to wait until

1) Google indexes your blog - that usually takes a week or two
2) they decide to link the index to contextual ads - usually about week two to three this alls tarts to kick in and over time they'll get better and better

cybele said...

Curt - I'm not sure how much folks are allowed to say online about adsense earnings, but I'm happy to share my experiences via email.

Send me a note: typetive at gmail

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

The ads will change to content related ones soon, just wait a while.

And for the question about income, mine is very low, which I suspect is due to very competitive keywords - i.e. recipes, food, etc(resulting in low pay per click).

Could just be that my ad positioning is poor - I hate ads that infringe on content though.