Thursday, February 01, 2007

getting my old css template into new blogger's template

i cannot seem to figure out how to integrate my old blogger template, a highly modified version of one of blogger's standard templates, into the new blogger's template. i have tried copying and pasting the code, but when i try to add those little widgets, it doesn't seem to work. i'd really like to be able to use the new features :( am i missing something?

any help would be so very greatly appreciated!

This Post was written by sarah from the delicious life


Cyndi said...

Here's what I learned when I needed to redo the dropdown menus that didn't migrate: I thought I would do it the same way as with old blogger (go directly into the template and paste), but that was not the case.

Go into your dashboard, and for your blog, click on Layout. Then click on Add a Page Element.

In the "Choose a New Page Element" window, click on "HTML/Java Script"/Add to Blog. THAT''s where you'll put your HTML and CSS stuff. In my case, it was the drop-down recipe menus using the codes that Sam posted for me here last week.

Does that help?

Marc said...

I don't know if it will help Sarah, but Cyndi's hint really helped me. I was having lots of trouble figuring out how to put my "flair" and long link list in the new blogger template. And now I know how. Thanks Cyndi.