Wednesday, February 14, 2007

[promotion] Why a newsletter?

I don't know why, but recently 1) my traffic has increased a lot and perhaps related to that 2) I've gotten requests for a newsletter. I already supply my RSS feeds via email as a subscription option using Feedburner, but I gather this is not what is being asked for. questions for those of you nice people who have a separate newsletter that is not just taking a feed or something of your blog posts -

  • - what are the the advantages of having a separate newsletter? Does it bring more visitors/fame/fortune/karma?
  • - What do you put there that you don't put in your posts?
  • - how frequently do you send out your newsletter?
  • - do you put a copy of your newsletter on your site for non-subscribers to access?

This Post was written by maki from Just Hungry.

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Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Working along the old rule that you should offer your visitors as many ways to receive your content as possible, a newsletter is a good idea. If they get an email each time you post a new article, you could end up with a lot of revisits (a userbase).

I just added one of my own, I've just to wait and see now if it's popular or not.