Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do we have a new scraper? Or just a food blog enthusiast?

UPDATE 2.25.07 --- Food Feed is strictly a "public service." Feel free to contact the publisher through his email if you'd like to add or remove your blog's feed. Please read the comments below for an explanation of the service from the publisher, Sam's request that we restrict "scraping" issues to hints, suggestions, etc., rather than specific urls, and Kat's helpful comments re feeds. -- FJK
Check out this one: Food Feed at

This one positions that all their copy is "selected"

No ads that I could see, at least yet. All feeds are clearly identified with links back to source blogs

Here's a link to the 67 food blogs it is posting feeds from:

Many of you are listed here.
There is a gmail address for contact if you want to protest, although it is listed so readers can suggest new feeds!

I almost think this is just someone who enjoys getting a lot of food blog feeds who put this together. It is probably pretty benign. But if you don't want your feeds to show up in someone else's public blog without your permission, you might want to contact the publisher:

I found the site through links to url referrers on my stat program. First time I've seen it.


Sam said...

I just don't have a problem with this. There are no Ads.
My creative commons allows this. Just as I don't mnind anyone linking to me on their blog.

I have real scraper after real scraper with Ads picking on me and I have to deal with each one myself by reporting them to google adsense.

I would prefer it if Food Blog Scool does not become a place for exposing all of these scrapers, post after post, imagine how dull that would be.

Tips on how to get rid of them in general, or posts asking for help in getting rid of them are still more than welcome. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am behind the site that you mention in your post. To answer your question, I am an enthusiast and not a scraper. I created the site primarily so my wife and I can share food blogs that we enjoy reading. I also wanted to experiment with different ways of listing posts so as to make it easier to find content of interest. I specifically chose not to copy posts in their entirety so that people interested in any given post would have to go directly to the site that published it. All I am doing is making it easy for people to find food related content. I will, of course, remove any feed whose owner does not want to be on the list. My interest in this, again, is sharing food blogs that I read and enjoy with my friends and family. I also have an interest in exploring the benefits, if any, that come from aggregating content related to food. For example, I think there is a value in listing all posts that are tagged with "recipes" or "veggies" on any given day, which you can do by going to ( and ( respectively. There are plenty of similar sites on the web covering other subjects that do the same thing (techmeme, design feed and others).

Sam said...

thanks for the explanation.
I think it was quite clear your site was that of an enthusiast, not an evil scraper.

I apologize for any disturbance being highlighted here may have caused you.

kungfoodie kat said...

I think it's become the general rule of net etiquette that it's okay to syndicate blog post summaries with a backlink. There are even widgets popping up that let you do this (check out It's not really that different from being listed on site like Technorati or Delicious.