Saturday, February 03, 2007

Help! My blog has 2 banners!

Hello Classmates,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem:
I've been trying to get rid of one of the 2 banners on my blog, and it has been less than fruitful. If you look at my site, the banner I am trying to get rid of is the plain green one - it seems to me it shows up on some computers and not others. It also seems to me that it shows up on most computers *gasp*.

The plain green banner is written into the code of the blog template I downloaded from Blogger. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?

This Post was written by Celine from black.salt


Haalo said...

From your source code - that green bit occurs in your style sheet which is located at this url

and in these lines of code
background: url(
background: url(

you need to remove those backgrounds from the style sheet

You've also got a couple of other styling issues that aren't quite right - your blog is showing other differences depending on the browser used.

Matt said...

What Haalo said :)

The problem seems to only occur in IE, because you're importing the style sheet with a @import url call, rather than linking the style sheet directly, or including it in an existing CSS file... only certain browsers recognise the @import call... IE being one of them.

Bonnie said...

It's happening in Safari too, except the banners are half each.

I simply altered it by deleting the blogger background:

background: url(

and pasting my own banner url over the top:

background: url(myownurlhere)

which I get from photobucket.

Haalo said...

Bonnie - your blog is coded differently. In your template you have the style sheet included. In Celine's template the style sheet is hosted elsewhere separate from the template.

Celine said...
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Celine said...

thanks so much everyone for your help. i'm going to put the suggestions to work and let you know how it goes.