Monday, February 12, 2007

(New Blogger) Where's the pencil?

I am really liking new Blogger. However, one thing is puzzling and irking me a little. On old blogger, when you were logged in, a "quick edit" pencil would appear at the bottom of the post when it displayed on your blog. You could click the pencil to open the post for editing. I used this all the time.

Now sometimes I see the pencil, but more often it's not there. I have no idea why it's showing sometimes and not others. Anyone know anything about this?

This Post was written by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen

(P.S. Ironically, when I posted this I see the pencil there, nice as can be, but most of the time on my own blog, no pencil to be found!)


cookiecrumb said...

Oh. So THAT'S what that pencil is for.
I never knew.
BTW, I can see mine -- today, at least -- on Safari. (I guess the message Bloggod intends is for us not to edit so much.)

neil said...

When I redid my site I lost the pencil altogether, which made me sad for a while because I used it a lot, but when I changed up to the new blogger I found it was much quicker to get to the edit pages than before, not as quick as the pencil - three clicks to one - but I can live with it. Also it's nice to have all the new information at your fingertips, comments and tags for instance.

Haalo said...

The pencil won't show if aren't logged in so always make sure that your account name is showing in the top right hand side.
If you have lost the pencil have you checked the settings that enables quick editing? If you are using new blogger with the new layout, check that it's also ticked in the post layout itself.

Kalyn said...

Yes, I am logged in and yes, I do have the quick editing selected. It may have something to do with hiding the top bar that shows your name when you're logged in. I have that covered in KK, but in my recipe archives blog it shows and I can see the pencil on that blog.

What a drag. I miss that pencil.

Sam said...

i have heard that if you remove that top bar your blog might not work correctly. I have therefore never removed it - in fact I use it all the time to get in and out of parts of my account.
AND I have never had any lost pencil problems, my pencil has not suffered at all from the switch to new blogger. My pencil is always there whenever I am logged in.

Haalo said...

I find that top bar really handy - makes it quick to get into the dashboard, quick to do searches - I don't really know why people remove it.

Kalyn said...

Hi Sam and Haalo,
I took the top bar out before new Blogger, when it wasn't really doing anything (I had a google search bar as part of the recipe archives that worked better than the top one.) I do think it looks fine on a lot of sites, but on my blog with the rounded corners, it just did not match the look of the blog at all. No other problems from removing it that I've come across, and this is no big deal since it's much easier to edit from Dashboard in new blogger. (I was just kind of attached to seeing that little pencil!)

Victoria said...

I have found that if I am logged in, and I hit the refresh buttom, the edit pencil returns.

Kalyn said...

Victoria, that did not work for me. I think Blogger is punishing me for taking out that top bar!

FJK said...


When I was snooping around my html code for something else (with the widgets expanded choice selected) I thought I saw some the pencil in some code there. Might it may be possible in your customization you may have affected that code somehow?

I'm not technical enough to tell you what to look for or how to fix, but I definitely saw the word pencil in several adjacent mentions with lots of coding around it.

Hope this helps.


Question? I suspect the problem in limited to your template if you can see a pencil on food sc'ool. To check this out, create a test blog in new blogger using one of the standard templates. Do you have a pencil? If not, the problem is not in the code for your site but somewhere mysteriously else!

Kalyn said...

Faith, I switched to new blogger, but not to the new template options. I want to be able to edit using html like I'm finally learning to do. So, there is no option where the word "pencil" shows in my html, therefore no way to change that. I'm just learning to edit from dashboard, it's no big deal. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Haalo said...

I've noticed that sometimes I don't see the pencil but that is only when I'm using explorer on the pc, with the mac I can always see it. Maybe it's a browser kink or it might be because you haven't switched all the way.