Friday, February 09, 2007

International Boston Seafood Show

Tiger Prawns

This is a call out to any interested food blogger in the New England region who can come in to Boston for a day event. For the second year running, I will be covering the International Boston Seafood Show for my own blog and for The Well Fed Network.

Date: March 11 - 13
Time: Sun & Mon 10am-5pm :: Tue 10am-3pm
Place: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, MA, USA

I would love to share this experience with other interested foodies who would see it as an opportunity to report on this massive food event that fills the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center full to bursting with seafood samples (yeah, you heard that right, dont eat for three days before going). I wrote up several pieces last year (here, here, here) and I covered an extremely minute aspect of the show. The possibilities are endless. There are cooking demos and seminars, etc etc.

In order to attend, you will need to apply for a press pass (see this link). I do not have a laptop to do live wireless blogging but WiFi is available for those of you with WiFi laptops.

Drop me a note at nika7k at yahoo dot com if you would like to meet up to do this event together. Its a three day event but I am only doing one day and I have not decided yet which day I will be attending.

Looking forward to seeing some of you all there!

Parrot Fish Stone Crab

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


Mevrouw Cupcake said...

How sad am I that I was just in Boston last week and not this week! Have fun and enjoy all the delicious sea food!

nika said...

You havnt missed it! I updated the post to state date and times

Danahli said...

Aww, I'm going to be in Boston the last week of February, that's too bad. Recommend any places I should check out while I'm there?

Danahli said...

Aww, I'm going to be in Boston the last week of February, that's too bad. Recommend any places I should check out while I'm there?

nika said...

danahli: Wow, there is so much to do in Boston that each person has their own Boston! How long will you be here? What will your budget be? What sort of transportation will you have? Will you be with friends? You afraid of subways or feel comfy taking them? What sort of food do you like? All these things play into your plans.. also.. March = cold here so be ready. We still get snow then.

Do you want foofy food (have heard people rave about Clios but I have never been ) or Baaaahston iconic food? (that would be clam chowdah and I suggest Jakes (actually called Jacob Wirth Restaurant ) down on the edge of Chinatown on Stuart street.. For seafood I suggest the "No Name" restaurant in the Boston Warf area (try this link for directions,+MA&cid=0,0,10454778906195564249&f=d&daddr=15+Fish+Pier+St+W,+Boston,+MA+02210,+USA&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=42.349518,-71.040357&spn=0.010847,0.020084&om=1&iwloc=A )

You will get completely different rec's from the next person!

Celine said...

oh my god, I wish I could be there!

Kathy Maister said...

This looks like great fun! You can count me in!