Tuesday, March 06, 2007

[Advertising] Getting Paid

All the talk about Google Adsense got me thinking. I've never been crazy about the idea of how the ads are hosted on our sites for free and we only get paid for a click through - that is if Google doesn't think that there is some fraud going on. Does anyone think that is how Google is getting paid, on click throughs? I think not. And a click through is a two part ad in itself, it's an ad for an ad and it's also an ad for Google, which for the most part we give away for free.

I'm just thinking out loud here, but food bloggers as a group are quite large and very specific in what we write about. Has anyone thought that if Google was approached in a unified way that we might be able to get paid for actually hosting click throughs, rather than paid per click, for which there is no way of ascertaining volume levels. It is the click throughs that are leading to allegations of fraud which makes them most unsatisfactory on three counts - advertising space is free until a click through, there is no real auditing and the possibility of being called a fraudster.

Anyway, this is just an idea to get the ball rolling, what does everyone else think?

This Post was written by Neil from At My Table


cybele said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "click throughs" and "paid per click" as I think they're the same thing.

There are other advertising systems you can sign up for that pay you for impressions, not clicks (BlogAds). Usually these are ads that deliver the message within the ad (which is why impressions are important, not necessarily action). Most google ads are only links with a tease, not enough information is delivered for it to be considered a "full ad" because often you don't even know what the product/service is until you click. (This is especially true when using the Link Unit ad type.)

I'm experimenting with AdBrite right now, but it will probably take another month before I have any definitive info to compare it to Google.

For the record, I've not had any problem with google and them accusing me of fraud, even though I've had some high-traffic links from time to time. But then again, I have a very low click rate - 0.23%.

As you have mentioned, I do find it very disturbing that Google can unilaterally decide that there has been click fraud without any accountability.

Andrew said...

What are you suggesting exactly? That we, as a unified group, approach Google with an offer or something?

Anita said...

>> Does anyone think that is how Google is getting paid, on click throughs? I think not. <<

Actually, that's exactly how Google gets paid. We use AdSense at my "real" job, and we only pay when someone clicks the ad that brings them to our site.

neil said...

I'd like to know how you go cybele with the impression ads. They seem a much better idea than clicks, and yes, I was meaning paid per click. Andrew I was thinking about the divide and conquer thing that Google is using in regard to click fraud, if there is only one blog it's too easy for them to say whatever they like, but if the advertising bloggers banded together it might be a different story, I'm not running any ads so it's not an issue for me at this point, but perhaps in the future...it might work as a group approach even if it only got Google thinking about their format
Anita, looks like I owe them an apology, where do I stand in line?

Private Chef said...

firstly guys as a new food blogger thanks for the great resource. I personally think that approaching google would be pointless as there are far bigger "groups"than us who would have done that and they will not change their policy for a small group like ours. I personally think the way forward is reaching personal advertising deals with food related companies. Lets say joe bloggs smoked salmon pays you 50 bucks a month to have an icon linked on your smoked salmon recipe. Cultivating these relationships would be the hardest part but content of our quality deserves to be rewarded with more than a few measly cents per click.

David said...

I was thinking it would be interesting to do some kind of poll to find out what food bloggers are making on GoogleAds...

Since you aren't allowed to actually publish your earnings, I'd be happy to set up a 'poll-post' here on Food Blog 'Scool and folks could click anonymously on it.

And anyone here could click and see the results as well. Just a thought.

Would that be okay with you, headmistress Sam?

Sam said...

It's ok with me.
PLease remember each member is responsible for what they post - not me - I am not responsible for what you post.
[As long as the scool doesn't get in to trouble, I see no problem with this]
Plus I'd live to seee how you get a poll to work with blogger because I havent found a way to do it yet.