Saturday, March 03, 2007

Google ripoff?

ZenKimchi recently reported some shifty Google Adsense behavior, to put it mildly. What are your opinions on Google Adsense? I use them myself but don't make enough from it to experience this kind of alleged misbehavior. Now I'm worried that I may eventually have to.

This Post was written by Annie from Bon Appegeek.


Lydia said...

I had the same bad experience with Google ads as Kemchi reports. As my blog got more popular, the number of clicks went up, and then when I hit the $100 payout threshold Google accused me of illegal clicks and wiped out my account without paying me one penny. I have heard the same from others.

Elise said...

What often can happen is that your friends think they are doing you a favor by clicking on ads on your site. Google sees unusual click activity and shuts down Adsense on your site. It happens all the time; Google does need to protect their Adwords advertisers from click fraud and this is how they do it.

In the Adsense forums you'll find people giving the advice that you should never tell your friends how Adsense works, nor should you ever encourage them to click on the ads.

Not to say that this is what has happened in the cases mentioned here, but it happens often enough.

BTW, the more money you make from Adsense, the more Google makes. So it is in Google's best interest to keep the ads on your site up, especially as you grow.

Annie said...

Lydia: I'm shocked that they wiped out your account. That's bizarre. Much seems to be made about the $100 threshold, but I think that's just because that's when the payment comes due and the accounting is done.

Elise: Thank you. It's true that it doesn't make sense that Google would want to wipe out payments when they profit was well, but what concerns me most is that there's no transparency to their suspensions. If you've done nothing wrong you're literally left foundering and bewildered with no defenses.

Kalyn said...

I've been getting payments from Google for over a year with no problems. I don't know why others are having problems, but I haven't had any. (Actually I just got a check in the mail today.)

Picholine said...

Sorry to add to the bad news, but someone posted a pornographic link on the events calendar. It's on one of the Saturdays.

Ellen said...

I've been making well over $100 a month for quite a while so don't think there some conspiracy-like thing where you hit your payout and they decide to penalize you. In fact, when I redesigned my site last year my income tripled, although traffic did not, and I got paid fine. I've gotten two big spikes from various press (USA Today and Yahoo Hot Picks) and in neither case did Google penalize me at all.