Monday, March 12, 2007

Gi'us a Job?

Ok - this email I just recieved is a new one on me. I actually feel very sorry for this deluded person, I wish I could give them a job.

"...I'm eager to find a permanent position where I might challenge myself while becoming a valued part of an editorial team. I'm familiar with your blog and think my background and experience would be a good match with Becks and Posh.
I've attached my resume and hope we can set up an informational interview.

But I had to laugh. Me? Pay someone to work for me? (But I didn't laugh quite as much as this via Stephanie of The Grub Report writing for Chow).


Amy Sherman said...

Oy, I got the same thing. Talk about misguided...

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said...

Yeah, it looks like she may have hit all the Bay Area food bloggers. Remember when we were that naive and wet behind the ears? I'm so embittered now.

cybele said...

I get those all the time. (Though not that one in particular.)

I also get emails offering me custom metal fabrication for display, packaging, manufacturing and raw ingredients. They're not "spam" per se, as they address me by name and seem to understand that I have something to do with food.

Sometimes I write back and say that I'm just a blog. Sometimes I just ignore them.

Owen said...

What - you guys don't use random wet-behind-the-ears writers paid at a lowly $16 per hour to do all your writing for you? I am so disappointed and shocked - I have five working for me - that's how I manage to keep up with my hefty post volume of three posts a month - otherwise where would I be?

Although, seriously, there are actually a fairly large number of paid jobs for bloggers nowadays - although they don't pay very well. We pay someone at my day job - and hopefully will be able to pay them a bit better soon.

And you guys could probably get good help just by offering some tasty treats!

Mimi said...

We were were all naive once, weren't we?