Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why a correctly phrased copyright notice is important

Copyright issues crop up here periodically...here's an item in the news about why the proper copyright notice for your blog content is pretty important -

Why's my free ebook for sale on Amazon?

(unless of course you are okay with someone else packaging your content and re-selling it for profit, as long as they say where it's from, as Seth Godin seems to be. I'm not as generous myself...)

This post was written by maki from Just Hungry.


nika said...

In the US, a copyright notice is not necessary. In this case (and on flickr if you do the CC thing) Seth GAVE away rights. Even if he chose the non-comm option, he would have been giving away his rights. He would be able to stop their activity if he had not put any copyright notice on his work at all. Makes you think a bit about CC. I hope people DO think about it before they select it.

cybele said...

The thing to be very clear about is that Seth Godin, in his blog, was not upset that someone had published his book, as he was well aware that his CC license allowed it. He was upset that they were selling it as if it were a NEW publication (not three years old and freely available in eBook form). The publication date of the physical book was showing up as 2007, making it seem like it contained new material, which it didn't.

(It's also kind of slimy to not inform the person who granted the CC license that you're publishing the book ... but whatever.)