Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog for sale

No, I'm not selling my blog, but someone that I've never heard of contacted me today asking to buy my domain name and all my blog content. Here is the email:

>I have seen your website ( and I like it.
>I also have similar-subject website and want to purchase your domain name and website >content you have
>to join them together. Say your price if you are interested.

The return email address is richardmalcolm AT

I was quite taken aback and frankly I am not considering selling my domain or my blog content. I am curious, though, if any of you have ever been approached by someone who wanted to buy your blog, perhaps even this same person. Any similar emails floating through the blogosphere?

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William Conway said...

Yeah, Richard contacted me too.

My answer? Not for sale.

I think it's just some dude fishing for deals on web content.


kiplog said...

I'd put mine on the block for the non-negotiable number of 1.3 Mil.

And no, I'm not recommending we all email this guy with ridiculously high numbers.

McAuliflower said...

1.3?! I came out with $75,000 per month of archives- $2.1 :)

Yeah- got this also: don't reply.

Amy Sherman said...

Check out to see how much your blog is "worth" according to fantasy investors. Apparently one person owns 80% of my "stock" and the share price peaked in September of last year!

p.s. Sam if you want to sell Food Blog S'cool according to blogshares it is worth $199,125.19

Sam said...

cool - if I had that to the $289,902.80 Becks *& Posh is worth I can retire.

However I think I would prefer to take the 'Business Opportunities' valuation of $375,419.10 instead, at least for B&P, FBS is not even worth 60k according to that site.

You too can check out how much your blog is worth here

stephen said...

It could be something a little more dangerous...I got the same email and immediately deleted it...I have another site for photography and through that one I get three or four "business offers" a week wanting to buy photos for shipment to distant locations or commission me to shoot a wedding in Paris or something equally unlikely...this I-want-to-buy-your-website pitch has the same flavor. I don't know the ins and outs of internet scams but someone did explain to me that the first thing they want is for you to be tempted enough by whatever they are offering that you will reply...with the idea that if they dangle bait in front of enough marks eventually they'll score someone gullible and avaricious enough to be scammed...

Ellen said...

I've had a few folks emailing similar things over the past few years. One was a serious, but low, offer from a publishing company for a domain I own but do not yet use. The others, who knows?