Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hi Everyone,

I've run into somewhat of a deadend and was hoping you could give me pointers.

I've been meaning to add tags to my blogs (like, digg and magnolia) but have been struggling to find a way to do so - I can't seem to locate any code on the delicious/digg/magnolia websites for me to add to me individual blogs so that links directly to the "subscribe/submit"(?) page on the respective webpages. So how exactly do you add those tags to your blog posts?

On a similar note, I was wondering how many of you still put technorati tags into your blogs, especially on Blogger/Blogspot. Because as far as I know, the blog automatically pings technorati when we put up a new post. Is putting technorati tags superfluous then?

Appreciate any insights on these.

Celine from black.salt


Kalyn said...

Celine, if you use Feedburner there is something called "flare" where you can have things inserted automatically. It's been a while since I've done it, but I know there was a FBS post about it which you should be able to find by putting into the search bar. I have "add to" in my posts and it comes through feedburner.

As far as who still uses Technorati tags and whether they are not needed, I'd say it depends. I use them faithfully and get a fair amount of traffic through Technorati from people looking for "South Beach Recipes" or "Low glycemic recipes." If your subject is more general, they might be less useful for that purpose. However, in Blogger it's fairly easy to add tags into the post template (in dashboard, under settings) so they are automatically inserted into your post. I just put every tag I might want, then delete the ones that don't apply to that post.

Celine said...

Thanks for your help Kalyn! I'll look around for the tags. And the deleting the tags you don't want is a great idea! It's so starightforward but I hadn't thought about it.