Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Federated Media

I just got a query from Federated Media. Can anyone tell me anything about them?

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FJK said...
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Kalyn said...

I do know that they represent a number of big name bloggers (for example Dooce).

cybele said...

They're a large ad agency that specializes in blog and other newer forms of media (some forums and web-based zines). They have some super-huge publishers in their stable, which is probably good for attracting advertisers.

They're very picky about who they represent (I assume that because they're not interested in me), so being asked means that it's more likely to be profitable for both of you.

Kevin said...


Owen said...

Federated media is essentially an ad agency specializing in a-list bloggers that takes a (I believe) 40% cut off everything it sells. The advantage is that they have some big time clout and will provide ads.

Run by John Battelle (of Industry Standard fame)

However - they didn't see fit to interview me for a position recently so they can't be all that and a bag of chips really ;-)