Saturday, March 24, 2007

apologies for repeat post

Sorry for the repeat posting today; Blogger kept telling me it couldn't post, but it was posting all along.

Kristen in London


FJK said...

Congrats on the blog, I look forward to reading it since I hope to go back to London someday soon.

You can delete posts that you have written on blogger and get rid of the repeats. Go to your dashboard, select food blog s'chool, then posts then next to the ones that you've written should be a delete option. (you can't delete anyone else's post) I checked the dashboard and the same post is shown there multiple times, so you can clean it up if you want

food blog scool said...

Please note that Food Blog Scool is not intended as a forum for the advertsising of Food Blogs. I would like to discourage these promotional posts.

Food Blog scool is a forum for the discussion of the technicalities of food blogging and other discussions of interest to the community.

We have over 300 pupils and this is not the time or the place for publicising the blogs of members.

I will go ahead and clean up the duplicate posts.

mae said...

I left a comment in one of the posts before but deleted it as i wasn't sure anybody would feel the same as me that this looks like an easy way of advertising/self promotion post for which i disagree with as foodblog s'cool as i understood, is not intended for such kind.

I didn't want to offend anybody but i'm glad that the headmistress spoke out.

mae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

there is a delay because i have had technical problems tring to delete the posts, apologies

Trig said...

I don't like to criticise other bloggers in public, but even the name of this self-promoting blog appears to have been lifted from a restaurant review blog - Londelicious by Krista in London (with whom I had the pleasure of lunch yesterday).

Sam said...

Trig - we should welcome Kristen warmly to our blogging community instead of criticising her. New bloggers often make mistakes, which is why food blog scool is here to try and help with guidance. And I should make the rules clearer, so it is partly my fault. I used to be able to send a welcome email when I signed up new members but since the switch to new blogger this isn't a possibilty anymore and so new members are missing out on all the info I used to give them - the rules - how to post, etc. it is something I am going to have to look into rectifying.

I needed to make the point that explicit self-promotion isn't cool on this blog, but I don't intend to start criticising that same blogger for any or everything else.

I am sure it is just coincidence that there are two Americans with names that begin with 'Krist' blogging about food in London.

One is called 'Londonelicious' written by Krista in London and one is called 'Kristen in London'.

It's not like Kristen is falsifying information, she is simply being herself in a huge town no doubt filled with 100s of Kristens.

I welcome both Kristas and Kristens to this community, lets all try and blog together in peace, please.