Thursday, March 29, 2007

[Blogger] Comments Feeds for FTP Blogs

I just thought I'd post this for anyone who uses Blogger on a remotely-hosted blog. I finally managed to get a comment feed enabled yesterday after having selected "Full" for the Comments feed months ago. It didn't work until yesterday, when I got the bright idea to change the No button by "Show Comments in Pop-up Window" to a YES. Once that was changed, my comments feed miraculously was published.

I'm not sure if this is an issue for blogspot blogs, but it definitely made the difference for me. I couldn't find this problem addressed anywhere else.

Just in case, I'll back up a little and set this out step by step:

1) Go to Settings, Comments, and select Yes by "Show Comments in Pop-up Window."

2) Go to Site Feed, and if you haven't already, choose Advanced Mode (or whatever isn't Basic Mode).

3) Choose Full by Blog Comment Feed.

4) Republish your blog.

5) Your comment feed will be at . You will need to replace YOURBLOGID# with your blog's ID, which you can find in the URL anytime you are in the Dashboard. (You can also get it by looking at the comments on your blog and checking the URL in page info.)

Once you have the link to your comments feed, you can go to Feedburner and burn your new feed. Post a link to it in your side-bar or email it to all the readers who have been begging you for a comments feed!

This Post was written by SusanV from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen


Kalyn said...

Thanks Susan. So far no one is clamoring for my comments feed (laughing) but I'm saving the link in case I ever want to do it.

SusanV said...

LOL Well, I really only had three who were asking, but one was very persistent. I would rather readers actually visit the blog, but being able to read the comments in RSS seems really important to a few readers, so I figured it out for them.

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