Monday, October 17, 2005

Adding the "read more" option to posts

Hey folks, I was trying to figure this out on my own, and please excuse if this is a repeat, I looked through recent posts and didn't find anyone asking about this ...
Here it goes.
I'm thinking of adding the "read more" option to my posts. With hopes of keeping what you see on the main page brief and shorter than my longer posts. I've seen posts with links to read the entire article and I was hoping to add this nifty feature to my blog.
I looked it up on blogger help but it didn't do me much good :(
Thanks all, happy Monday!


Sam said...

This was covered when the S'cool first started. However, I tried to follow the guidelines on this very blog and I ended messing everything up and had to delete it all from the template. I keep meaning to try again if anyone has any easier to follow instructions. Thanks for bringing it up again!


Kalyn Denny said...

I would also love to learn how to do that. I have seen it well done on some blogs, but I am not sure if it can be done on Blogger. Would love to know how if anyone who uses Blogger is currently doing it.

Ana said...

I actually have done this following Blogger's instructions, but I did not like that it posted the "read more" after each post, even the short ones for which there was really nothing after the "read more".

Rachel from Brown Bread Ice Cream found a way around it and now I have "read more" if there is more to read or nothing if the post is short.

Rachel explains it all here. It works. Both Obachan and I used this and it works in both our blogs.

Ana from Pumpkin Pie Bungalow.

Mona said...

Thanks guys so much for all your useful comments on this subject. Can't wait to give it a whirl!

Mona said...

ana, you are a lifesaver. have used brownbread's easy instructions and hopefully it will change the appearance of all blogs to come :)

seda said...