Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Using Flikr account photos on Type Pad blog?

Hello. I have recently signed up for FLIKR but I don't know how to lead people there. Or how to put it on the right so that people can visit my photos when they're lonely.

Also sometimes people make a square collage of a number of photos...how is that done?

I am not really very computer literate, hopefully your answers can be really plain, Thanks!!


Rachael Narins said...

The collage is a feature of hello/picasa. If you have a PC you can download that for free (and its great) but if you have a mac (like me. pout) you cant. As for flikr, I dont know a thing...LOL

emma said...

Hi! I have a Flickr account and I also use it to feed pictures to my professional website (emmawllms.com).

To make the "collages" you're talking about, go to YOUR photo page and click on "make a Flickr badge" - it should be lower down on the right hand side ( think). A badge is their name for a collage.

You will have the option of creating either an html badge or a flash badge. The flash badge is the one that looks like a little collage and it alternately enlarges each of the thumbnails in it.

Once you have selected the type of badge you want (flash is best, I think), it will then ask you to select the pictures you want to include in it. Simply click on the pictures and then hit the continue/create button. It will show the badge and also provide you with both an html link to the badge and the code you need to physically paste into your blog template.

All you do to get it into your blog or website is copy the code (NOT the hyperlink) and insert it into your template where ever you want.

I hope that helps - let me know if you have questions and I will try to help you!

Emma (moderngirlskitchen.blogspot)

shuna fish lydon said...


thanks! But I don't know the difference betw. CODE and HYPERLINK. "copy the code (NOT the hyperlink)"

When I copy and paste the "code" that they give me I get a line that says something like, 'pictures here from flikr.com and they want the viewer to click on the link, then it doesn't show up on the page!

OOOh it's so frustrating! Thank again for any help!

Anonymous said...

As Emma said you can use a flickr "badge" to post pictures, which is good for both a sidebar or to illustrate a themed post, where it will constantly update with random photos, or your most recent images.
The easiest way to do this is with a Typepad NOTES Typelist - where you can post the badge code directly into a typelist note entry. Add the typelist to your weblog sidebar and you're done.

The easiest way to get single photos from Flickr to Typepad as a post is using the "send to blog" function in Flickr - in your account settings enter your typepad details then you can send any photo to your blog and automatically create a post.

Robyn said...

Shuna, the flickr badge is the little collage that you see on some blogs that is like a tiny slideshow. It will build it for you and then ask you to put the code in your template.

Then if you want to have a post specific collage say like you got to NY and you have lots of pics that are about the area and you want them to appear in a collage you go here:

Falgrant Disregard.

FG is a very well kept secret in the blogosphere. ;-) some people will use it and everyone is impressed and wonder, hmmmm. how do they do that! they must be photoshpp whizzes! Nah, they just use flagrant disregard. It's fun and very fab.

Robyn said...

Actually that's Flagrant disregard! not falgrant. ugh.