Friday, October 07, 2005

(Misc) Canon Powershot A400 Help

I know a few bloggers have this camera, so maybe you can help. I keep getting an E18 message and, of course, can't find the book that came with the camera anywhere. I've replaced the batteries and the memory card is empty, so I know it's neither of those solutions. It won't let me take any pictures and turns off right after showing the error message. Anyone know what it means? It's my favorite camera (admittedly mostly because I haven't learned to use my new one yet). Help?!

This post was written by Sweetnicks from Sweetnicks


Jennifer Maiser said...

Sweetnicks - if you don't get any answers here, try googling it ... It seems to mean "lens stuck". And there are lots of comments on it around -- unfort, I didn't see any advice on how to fix it. Good luck!

Guy said...

Hmm, says here in my google transcripts it is kinda ambiguous, some say an error the camera gives you when it is thwarted in the extension of the lens when you power up. So far, most everyone ends up sending the camera in for repair/replacement. Give Canon a call and see. Surely they'll charge ya. Mebe it's time to start learning the new one eh?


Anonymous said...

Yep. It's a lens error. We had the same problem with a different Canon camera. From what I hear (and from our experience too) it often corrects itself with enough powering up and down, so it might be worth trying that.