Tuesday, October 18, 2005

[calendar] upcoming, mid to end october...

hey hey all! just thought i'd pop in with some upcoming virtual food blog events as a reminder...the past few months, events have slipped right past me, and now with all this time on my hands, i have no excuse, LOL!

and of course, dine and dish shall be back up and eating very shortly as well (but will it be as fun as celebrity host sam's rachael ray for a day?!?!) . :)

  • THU OCT 20 blog party - the big game

  • FRI OCT 21 sugar high friday no. 13 dark chocolate

  • SAT OCT 22 cooking the old fashioned way

  • SUN OCT 23 is my blog burning? no. 20 souffle

  • MON OCT 24 slashfood the great pumpkin

  • TUE OCT 25 does my blog look good in this? no. 10 at chubbyhubby

  • MON OCT 31 end of the month eggs on toast extravaganza

  • MON OCT 31 the great pumpkin carve/cook-off

  • *phew* so much fun! so little flour! got to get to the market! ;)

    :: this post was deliciously brought to you by sarah from the delicious life ::


    Jennifer Maiser said...

    Also, there is Elise's Great Pumpkin Carve Up Cook Off - October 31.

    Ilva said...

    Thank you Sarah, I would have missed the Blog Party if it hadn't been for you!

    Cate said...

    And every weekend, feel free to send me your pup pics for Weekend Dog Blogging, your herb pics to Kalyn's Kitchen for Weekend Herb Blogging and to the woman who started it all ... your cat pics to Eat Stuff for Weekend Cat Blogging!

    Anonymous said...

    And don't forget Thursday, October 27 is...

    Prune Blogging Thursday!

    FJKramer said...

    Sarah, thanks for posting this round up. It was a real service. Hope to see other such compliations in the future.