Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Adding "Read More"

Your blogger template should already have most of what you need. But the key element is likely missing or commented out.

Add this bit of code in the <head> section in the top portion of your template:

... some stuff ...

span.fullpost {display:none;}

... more stuff ...


That should enable the read-more capability.

Then, in each post, you'll need to add two snippits of code. The first snippit goes where you want the break to occur and the second at the end of the post:

This sentence appears in main blog.
<span class="fullpost">
This and all following sentences appear in the archive until this appears:

I can't guarantee this will work because your template may be different from what I've worked with, but this did it for me.

This post was written by Kevin from Seriously Good


Kalyn Denny said...

Thanks Kevin. I think I might be able to figure that out. I'm pretty technologically challenged, but getting better.

However, I would still love to know if anyone is using this on Blogger. I guess I am suspicious, although I hate to knock blogger because they are so easy to learn on. (After all, my fourth graders can blog with it.)

Kevin said...


I'm using it on blogger.

Alanna Kellogg said...

I keep a second site on blogger for testing purposes only. That way there's less risk of messing up, either with unexpected consequences from code or something that I just end up not appreciating how it looks/works/adds. Kalyn, since your site is relatively new and you seem very serious about it, you might think about making the change off Blogger sooner than later. I wish I'd done it several months ago; now, the effort of converting nearly seven months of daily posts, is almost beyond me.

Kevin said...


Blogger can move your blog to your own domain fairly painlessly.


Mona said...

WOw, thanks for your help Kevin! And now I have another blog to check out!

Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

Thanks for this information !