Saturday, October 08, 2005

Considering Changing to Typepad?

I signed up for a 30 day trial for the expert version of Typepad. Has anyone changed from Blogger to Typepad? Was it worth it?

One of my main concerns is having photo albums, and also having several columns on the main page, as compared to the 2 on my current page. As well as easier manipulation of photo's and how they are displayed on posts. (As far as I can tell, with blogger you can't do side by side photo's unless you alter them with a picture editing program - My photos always display one ontop of each other)

Does anyone have any tips, advice or to advise on a different but great hosting program?
This post was written by Alicat from Something So Clever


Anonymous said...

I changed from blogger to Typepad and I'm sooo happy! I have some fine tuning of my site to do when I get around to it. I'm not as clever with computers as most other bloggers so Typepad suits me fine. Any problems I have the lovely people at Typepad get back on my queries very promptly.

Jennifer Maiser said...

I have used Typepad ever since I started my blog, and honestly think that Six Apart is one of the gems of a very few gems in the tech world. They have great customer service, and an intuitive interface.

I have only used Blogger on a limited basis, but everything I do with it makes me appreciate Typepad more and more. I also feel that, while it is possible to create a unique Blogger blog (and many of you have done a great job at that!), it is easier to create a unique Typepad blog that doesn't look like all the others.

A few tips:

1) You can schedule your posts to post at a future time and date. This is very helpful if you are going on vacation or something.

2) When you are uploading photos to a photo album, you can actually upload a .zip file and it will unzip after uploading. It's a great feature that I don't think is mentioned anywhere. Makes for quick photo album builds.

3) These instructions for putting logos in your sidebars may be helpful.

Let us know if you have any questions -- I would be happy to help.

Ziz said...

Jennifer - You are a god send! That is the one thing I really worried about figuring out how to do! :) Thank you thank you! :D

Barbara - Thank you for your feedback! It's reassuring to know that the people at Typepad actually write you back! :D

Ziz said...

What about losing all your previous comments?

Do you think that is a big deal for people-that is a big part of the fun sometimes is the communication.

Can you transfer them? :S

shuna fish lydon said...

I second Jen's emotion. I feel like when I go to read people's Blogger blogs they are often experiencing difficulties that Typepad does not seem to have.

I am quite new at the blogging and even computer thing, but I am very happy to have begun with Typepad.

Rachael Narins said...

What exactly are the other choices?
Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal...are there many others?

SaltShaker said...

I'm not sure about within Typepad, I use Wordpress. But to stop photos from being on top of each other I do need, at least with the photo plug-in that I have, to add an align="xxx" to each photo in order to have them line up either "left", "right", or "center".

Ziz said...

Thanks for the info Salt - I will have to try that out with the photo's.

I seem to have jinxed something - Typepad sent me an email this morning stating that there was some sort of crash and that I needed to upload all the images to their site again. Apparently the pictures aren't showing up for some people, while others can see them just fine (myself included).

For all the great feedback about Typepad its fitting that the first time I try to make my page with their site it crashes! :P

If anyone has a spare moment to look at my page and let me know if the pictures show up, as well as their browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) it would be more than appreciated.

Thanks so much for all the feedback everybody!

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Just for reference,

There's good comments on successfull moves to WordPress from blogger and from Moveable Type at this blog s'cool post.

Brandon said...

I just moved my site from Blogger to TypePad today--the whole process has been a breeze. It's a shame to have to lose archived comments, but for the ease of use and the lack of funny stuff that seems to happen in different browsers when using Blogger, it's well worth the sacrifice.

cucina testa rossa said...

hey alicat! you can save the comments! just copy and paste them into the new posts. i switched to typepad because i fould blogger so limiting. but it;s a good place to start.

Ziz said...

Thanks Cucina ...I will quite likely do just that! :)

bubblegum casting said...

I will never leave blogspot!