Monday, October 17, 2005

syndication and blogger

Is anyone else out there using blogger and if so, can anyone tell me how to get my atom feed to validate? Apparently blogger is using atom version 0.3 and now there is a version 1.0 so the validators I have tried do not recognize my site feed...Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

I've search the Food Blog S'cool archives but haven't turned up anything on this...

Also - given the feedback on my last post, too, it sounds like Moveable Type or Wordpad would be good options for moving my blog - is it possible to move what I have already done to one of those programs?

thanks everyone -
emma (modern girls kitchen)


Cybele said...

I'm planning on moving to Expression Engine at the end of the month. I'll be sure to post with info on how that goes.

I haven't heard any complaints about my feeds. I'm signed up with feedburner, which will take whatever feed you have and convert it into whatever feed people need. You might want to check it out, it's free and includes trackers so you know how many subscribers you have.

emma said...

Thanks Cybele! That's what I thought blogger was supposed to do - create a feed that feedburner could read - but feedburner will not/cannot validate my feed because it says that the atom version my blog uses is old/incorrect? And I have no clue how to change it! I'm thinking that I might just need to switch to a whole new blog service to combat this problem plus my issues with layout etc....I am very curious to know how Expression Engine works - definitely post about it!

Marc said...

I was also initially confused by the Atom feed that blogger provides, but think I have it figured out. There are at least two systems for syndication, atom and RSS. Blogger provides atom, but many syndicators need the RSS protocol. It is possible to get both by turning on the atom feed in blogger, and then signing up with feedburner (or another service). Feedburner is easy, free, and also shows you a snippet of source code that makes a little orange "XML" that can be dragged to an aggregator with your feed information. After you sign up, feedburner will give you a unique address that is the "RSS Feed". For example, the blogger atom feed would be and the feedburner RSS would be

For an easy way to test your syndication--and also a great way to keep up with your favorite blogs and websites--try setting up a aggregator/newsreader. I like the Sage extension for the Firefox browser. (both are free)

emma said...

Thank you, Marc! My main problem is that for some reason my feed is not validating with feedburner, which is completely frustrating. I have emailed the blogger support folks a couple of times (although they make it nearly impossible to even find their email contact to begin with) and have had no help/no response...agh! I use Mozilla and have discovered that I can get a feed from my site as a "live bookmark" but I do not know how to tell my friends and readers to get a feed if it's not validating...does that make sense?
I'm ready to pack in blogger and simply switch to another blog program - even though it seems ridiculous to do so over one thing - but this is important!
Thanks for suggesting the aggregators, too - I will set one up as well!

Marc said...

I would try a few simple things:

1) set up another feedburner account with a different name, then test if that URL feeds properly. Maybe you could post it (as the little XML symbol) on your blog so others can test it with their feed readers.

2) ask your friends to try the atom feed on their reader or home page. It might work.

3) check the "Settings...Site Feed" settings at your Blogger account. Are they what they should be? Mine are "Publish site feed = Yes", "Descriptions = Full". I'm not sure about whether Descriptions has a preferred setting.

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