Thursday, October 27, 2005

[Typepad] Problems with typelists - I think

I've recently bought a url and went through the process of mapping my domain from typepad. My blog address at typepad was. So far so good.

However, tonight I was trying to add in a new typelist and something odd happened. When I looked at it was different to, with the former not reflecting the changes I made to the typelist. Whereas when I looked at it mirrored the typepad address. This had all been happening in Firefox so I shifted over to IE to see what happened there.

It gets even more confusing. In IE, the typepad address looks as I want it - that is, with the tag cloud. However when I look at and neither reflect the changes I made to the Typelists.

It's 12.50am and I'm doing my head in.


Rachael Narins said...

I went to a few of your links to see what the trouble was, but then I got caught up reading your posts and forgot the question, and now I am back here and instead writing this pointless comment, but happy I saw your blog, so thanks. Cheers!

silverbrow said...

Well, It's now 7am and after a few hours sleep everything seems to be working as I want it. I have no idea what happened last night.

Is it possible that different sites / web browsers take longer to see the changes? I thought it was all instantaneous, but maybe not.

Unknown said...

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