Friday, May 19, 2006

[Blogger] Adsense in Posts

I'd like to experiment with putting a small, unobtrusive Adsense ad in some of my posts, but Blogger freaks out on the javascript. Does anyone know if such a thing is possible?

This post was written by Bill from Tea Guy Speaks.


Derrick said...

Without knowing the specifics of AdSense, I can guess why Blogger is freaking out: It doesn't like JavaScript in a post (it doesn't mind it in a template).

However, you can tell it to ignore any HTML errors when it barks at you. You run the risk of not seeing any legitimate errors, but that's what I've done when I need to add JavaScript to a post.

Derrick said...

Oh, that wasn't clear. When it barks at you, there's a checkbox that says "Stop showing me HTML errors" or something. Check that and proceed.

Ellen said...

There's a group that helps with this stuff. Here's a link about it:

Here's a link that was posted there: I have not done it myself yet.

Culinary Hag said...

The simplest way I've found is to go to your template page and at the top there is an AdSense tab. Click on it and you're in a very simplified version of AdSense integrated into your blog. You don't have much control...but a useful feature I think is the Match and Blend Template mode. It will also let you preview it. It is great if you don't want to fuss with copying and pasting the html into a place in your template.

Tery Spataro said...

hi Derrick - I've been using Google AdSense for about a year. "Stop showing me HTML errors" sounds like you have an open tag.

I don't care much for AdSense. I'm experimenting with AdBrite.