Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thanks for the invite Sam! This is my first post here. And it relates to making a banner for the top of my page. Something nice and purty.
1) How did you all make yours (photoshop i assume)?

2) How did you integrate it into the page html wise?

I am kinda new to all this html stuff but have been learning quickly. Please help!

This Post was written by Garrett from Vanilla Garlic


Susan Voisin said...

You can use Photoshop or PaintShopPro or any good graphics program to make your banner. You just need to know how wide to make it by looking at your blog's template. Yours is a little tricky because you're using a template that uses images to create rounded corners. Normally you'd look at the header section of your template and replace the background of it with your banner image. (You also may have to make some changes to how your blog's title and description are displayed.) Your header uses a couple of images to form the rounded corners, so I would have to experiment to find the best way to replace them with a banner. I suggest you look around and find someone else who uses the template you like and check their source code to see how they added their banner.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the advice Susan. I was thinking of using one of the Minima templates anyways, just needed the push.

How do I check sourse code and all? Really, html is new to me, and while I am learning, I could use the pointers!

BTW, your blog is quite shibby! I luvs it!

Willa Frank said...


i am really low tech and still use Netscape as my browser, so to look at a page's code, i just click on the "View" menu and select "View Page Source". that brings up all of the html code.

i have taught myself how to change things on my templates by looking at the code for other pages i like and comparing them with mine to see where they differ and how to make additions and/or alterations of the code. it's trial and error, but i've learned a lot along the way. you will, too.