Wednesday, May 10, 2006

[Posting Photos] Is a slide show possible without flikr?

As I'm sure has happened to us all sometimes, today I find I have more than one picture that I want to share. In the interest of not having four pics of the same dish scattered throughout the post, I am wondering about alternatives.

I don't use flikr and am wondering if anyone knows a way to have add a"click here for a slide show," or if there is a way to just have the images changing on my page, like a mini slide show, without any clicking or whatnot. (did that make sense? gee, I hope so.)

I've seen Stickam on myspace and think it might work...does anyone use that?

If this has been covered before, please just send me the link, I couldn't find anything...otherwise, thanks, can't wait to hear what people think/know.

This post was written with love by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


Anonymous said...

Yes there is. There is a very good (free programme) called Film Loops, which allows for you to create mini “looplets” on your website. You can also share and email the loops to friends.

If you have a look at my website, I have posted an example and a few links on how to get started. Here's the link:

Cate said...

Craig beat me to it - I was coming to say Film Loop as well. I downloaded, but ended up not using it (too wide for my narrow margins and can only hold 25 pictures, so ended up keeping flickr)... have fun with it! I loved the way it looked - the LAFD has it on their blog too. :)

Cate said...

Just reread your question, so a PC ... with flickr, you can have a badge (like I have on my site), so it's constantly swapping out pictures, and automatically adds in any new ones you've uploaded. Very easy to add to your site, and it takes care of itself after the code is added. Hope this helps.