Thursday, May 25, 2006

Experimenting with Podcasting: Tech Tip

I did some intense research on Podcasting technologies. There’s a small investment in equipment and education you’ll need to make. I’m a someone who hates to spend too much time reading manuals so I found a great tech source to create podcasts without the hassle of learning to podcast and buying the equipment. Over the past two months I’ve been experimenting with for Daily Eats. So far it’s been awesome. While I’m on the road for my real job, I use Gabcast to create restaurant reviews. I have a choice to either upload them to Daily Eats or wait to add photos and post description. Gabcast does integrate with and a couple of the other blog editors. If you have problems Gabcast tech support team is awesome. OH you’re going to love this you only need a phone any type of phone. I use my cell while I’m on the road. I did 29 episodes, and the audio quality is good.

This would be a great opportunity for chefs to talk about cooking, recipes, or give audio cooking lesson; or to do restaurant reviews on the road; or grocery reviews as I enjoy doing. Daily Eats tends to be more about social aspects to food so I like podcasting parties too.

The other great part of using Gabcast is I can interview over the phone and it creates a podcast. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Mark Jeffrey, while he was in Santa Monica from my office in Phoenix.

Your contributors can use Gabcast too.

I did a couple of videocasts. The short videocasts worked out really well. I'm still experimenting.

I’m starting a series of audio interviews of food bloggers would love to interview folks from the Food Blog S'cool. Please get in touch with me: chiefeater at if you’re interest in being interviewed at Daily Eats. Also I would love to do some link exchanges.

I thank Sam and Food Blog S'cool for having me. Just a little background on me by night I’m a food lover and blogger; by day I’m a marketer working to saving the world from the mundane; and a silicon alley tech veteran.

This Post was written by Tery Spataro from Daily Eats.


Sam said...

Hi Tery - thanks for all this great information. I had gotten so side tracked by my flash slide show discover that I hadnt read the other posts properly. This looks like an interesting thing to to look into, but me, I hate the sound of my own voice so I am not sure it would be for me.

Welcome to the School

Sam said...

Tery - I thought I should let you know that your blog looks completely broken on mozilla so I couldnt find the podcasts.

Tery Spataro said...

Hi Sam - ouch. I'm suppose to set time aside to fix it. Only so many hours in the day ;-(

Tery Spataro said...

I know it has to do with Bizrate ad on the header. I haven't a clue why it's not working. I tried everything. Any suggestions. Bizrate is my main sponsor. I need to figure this out.