Thursday, May 11, 2006

Continuing IE conflicts

Back in April I wrote a post about IE conflicts with my blog. I got several responses, all of which were wise but none of which resolved the problem. I have just edited quite a bit of the template to make it more flexible within different screen-sizes and browsers, and it displays pretty much perfectly in everything (as far as I know) other than in IE, regardless of screen size. However, it looks ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT in IE.

Please help, this is driving me insane, the most MASSIVE changes in my template have no effect on IE whatsoever, does anyone know of a bug in IE?

All the image/box widths have been fixed for a very long time, and were displaying 100% ok in all browsers until this problem first surfaced in April.

Please help!

This Post was written by FAHARA from Souperior


Andrew said...

well this is odd. i viewed your site from a link in my rss reader and the site displayed fine. I even left a comment.

From the link you give here though the site is indeed buggered. I am using the new version of IE.

Fahara. said...

Yeah Andrew, RSS feeds are different (and better!) Faaaaaairly frustrating, I can't ask all my readers to use RSS!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't have time to tinker to figure out if there's a quick fix. A hack and some proper widths might fix what appears to be the IE box model bug, but it's probably not just one little thing.

You have many unbalanced or badly nested tags (especially divs), tag spelling and syntax errors, missing tag and attribute quotes, image tag height sizes in fractions (you can't have half a pixel) and a few other things that may or may not be breaking your page.

Many small errors are ignored by some browsers but you're using a XHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype.

Change your doctype to "transitional". Do a search for doctype to find the correct line to copy and paste. This may nto solve the problem, but it is a start to finding it. You can then run your site through a validator ( which will really scold you and tell you to fix a lot of things (some which aren't a big deal), but at least it will point at where your unbalanced tags are.

One fix is the div in the sidebar that has an align="centre". Apologies to all the British Food bloggers out their, but only the American spelling works. (with the strict doctype, divs can't have align attributes anyway).

Sorry if this all sounds techy and picky, but these thing do matter. I sound like the nun who taught me 7th grade grammar.

Andrew said...

what i meant was that the site displayed fine when accessed from a link from within the rss feed but the link from here showed the errors you reported.

L Vanel said...

If you are making changes and they are not showing up in IE, you might be looking at an old page. Why not go to IE internet options and clear your cache. Did that work?