Friday, May 26, 2006

[Flickr] Posting a Flickr Slideshow on Your Blog

This morning I decided to try and add a flickr slideshow to my blog.
I just wanted to post the photos from one set (not all my flickr photos).
Following the excellent instructions I found here
I had the flash slideshow working in my post in under 5 minutes.

From the comments in that post, it would seem some people had problems, but if you follow the instructions exactly there is no need to fail. The fifth commentor down tells you how to specify a specific Flickr set, btw.

The only thing I had to do for myself was change the width of my blogger template, making it beigger to fit the slideshow because most blogger templates aren't wide enough by default to fit the slideshow.

Not sure if the same code would work with other blogging softwares???

Anyway - just thought I would point it out to people who might want to play with it.

This Post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Anonymous said...


Bless you! I've been trying to figure this out for ages ... thanks for the helpful hints.

Kalyn Denny said...

Thanks Sam. One of my goals this summer when I'm off work is to learn to sue Flickr.

MizD said...

Sam sez: Not sure if the same code would work with other blogging softwares???


The Cat took it upon herself to try it out in Wordpress & it works just fine!

I should note that I had to add the "more" code into the post so that the Slideshow opened after the cut --> try as I might, I couldn't get the thing to reduce without lopping off photos, so it won't fit on my main page widthwise. I imagine someone with more coding expertise can come up with a version using a smaller Flickr photo setting.

Sam said...

Ivonne - I don't think I relly deserve any thanks - Blogger Templates deserve all the kudos.
Oh no! Kalyn's going to 'sue' FLickr. Poor FLickr ;)
Good to see other types of blogs can use it too. Would be great for blog roundup events.
I am wondering now if you can use it for groups as well as sets in which it would be perfect for a blog roundup event.?

MizD said...

Okay, after attempting to beat the code into submission, here's what I figured out. No success at doing a group pool slideshow (I got all sorts of odd results using a group URL number), but I was able to create a slideshow of a particular tag. So, you can, for example, build a slideshow of everyone's pics in an event, if all participants put a specific, event-related tag on them. (I tested this with your Foodography5 tag, heh!)

Here's what code to use:

In the part where it says --
and then the ID number --

Replace with:

and then add the tag name.

That should do it!

MizD said...

PS. And the extra cool thing? You can click on a photo during the slideshow and a little info box will appear next to it, telling you who took it! How cool is that? (Almost makes me want to host an event again! ::g::)

Ed said...

There are other Flickr options too. I picked not a slideshow but one that displays five random pics on each visit. I think they work on all platforms. I know it works on Movable Type which means it would also work for Typepad. Should also work for Wordpress.

Sam said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, I see a flash slideshow food blogging CRAZE coming along. I can't wait to use it to record my upcoming trip to New York, I wont have to write any words - just take pictures. woo hoo.

PS Mrs_D I know what you mean about how almost wanting to host an event again. I wish I had known this when I did one earlier!

Rachael Narins said...

Thanks so much Sam! When I asked about how to do just this the other day ( I didnt realize Flikr is that easy to use...