Monday, May 22, 2006

[blogger template] removing space from top

** UPDATE: sorry - i bumped this back up to the top - because i am still trying to tweak my template, and i can't seem to get paul's code suggestion to work. the foodblogscool template is bumped up right aganist the navbar (which is sort of what i am after, but not quite touching), but when i view its source code, it doesn't look all that different (header, content, etc.) from mine. is there a setting somewhere in blogger that tells the navbar to stop pushing my page down? **

someone had posted about the same topic, but for some reason, i can't find it, so please excuse me for double-posting.

how do i remove the little bit of space between the blogger bar across the top and the beginning of my template? (sorry about the horrible diagram!)

i have spent the last two days tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to manipulate my blogger template and nothing is working. it looks exactly the same.

any help would be so very much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

That space is set by blogger's navbar CSS.

One way to override it is by giving your header a position. In this case a relative position added to your header style should work:

position: relative;
left: auto;

The negative top position will subtract from the 50 px pushed down by the Blogger navbar. It may need less than -40, I didn't test it. Of course now your content div will need to come up too.

Andrew said...

does it really matter?

Anonymous said...

yes, andrew! it matters!

it bugs the s**t out of me, LOL!

thank you paul! i will try tonight.

Andrew said...

i think it looks nice :-)

Andrew said...

I say again - IT DOESNT MATTER!!!

worry about other things... like the price of fish.., keeping me in chocolate.. etc etc..

nika said...

OH man! I didnt realize we were meant to be fretting about keeping Andrew in chocolate! I have been derilict in my duties as a food-blogger.. maybe bumm-rappings are in order?

Have some mercy.