Thursday, November 09, 2006

[Ads] Commission Junction

Has anyone heard of these guys, Commission Junction? I've noticed that Typepad has just started using them to manage its affiliate programme. I'm interested in knowing a bit more and seeing their stuff in action. I'd appreciate any points.


Anthony at Silverbrow on Food.


Anonymous said...

Commission Junction is one of the most well known and established affiliate program brokers around. Their back-end management system is definitely one of the best around. Now, that said...I have heard that on occasion publishers have problems with slow payment but that's fairly common among the big affiliate companies (and even many of the small ones).

If you really want to belong to the TP program I wouldn't hesitate to join. There are many other well known companies that use CJ as their affiliate manager. It does make it easy to have multiple programs under one roof.

David said...

I added some of their ads to my site, to see what would happen. Most of them I put on the 'secondary' pages (as opposed to my main page), and so far have made so little off of them, it doesn't seem worth it to clutter your site with commercials unless they perform or add something to the site (like point readers in the direction of a product or service that you recommend.)

If your blog draws a very specific readership they may do well.