Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Error Message in German??

Hi all!

Does anyone know why when a page won't load I get an error message in German? Actually I am only guessing it is German.

Webseite reagiert nicht
Die Webseite, die Sie angefordert haben, ist wegen eines besetzten oder unterbrochenen Servers auf technischen Schwierigkeiten gestoßen. Bitte versuchen Sie es noch einmal, indem Sie den Button Neu Laden auf Ihrer Navigationsleiste anklicken oder - wenn das nicht funktioniert - kommen Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt zur Seite zurück.
502f Verbindungsfehler

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Anonymous said...

It's German, but I don't know why you're getting it.

Auf wiedersehen und viel Spass!
(Goodbye and have fun!)

Anonymous said...

You can use to translate bits and pieces like this but the more important thing is the error number 502. If you google '502 web error' you can get websites explaining the message. A 502 error is the website you are trying to reach is overloaded and try back later.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Hi Gabriella,

Well great that I live in Germany. Here is what it says:

The website is not responding.
The website that you have requested, is currently technically down, due to a busy or a disconnected server. Please try again by clicking the reload button on your toolbar or - wehn that did not work - come back again later and try again.
502 connection error.

Why you got that in German I do not know - maybe it was a German server.

Hope that helped!

G said...

Actually it happened on this site. or really the scool calendar. i was trying to put up the new salad event on my blog. But now tonight it worked.

thanks for all your help! It is totally bizarre!

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

I've had this bug happen to me in the past with other sites.

Bloglines would periodically slip into Japanese!

G said...

Ha! Japanese. classic.

Anonymous said...

Web Error pages can be anything at all, and so it's possible that the calendar is being hosted on a German server, or the program itself was written by a German (or Swiss or Austrian), or something like that.

You can have a lot of fun with error pages. If you enter a non-existing page URL on my site (like click here for example) you'll get a picture of me looking like I accidentally passed wind, plus a search box.

G said...

Maki - That is TOTALLY adorable!! oh my god. how did you do that? i love it.