Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kosher cooking food blogs


A reader of my blog asked me for recommendations on kosher cooking sites and "hip" Kosher food blogs. I haven't found anything, but I am sure there are some sites out there. This seems like a fun niche. Does anyone have some suggestions I can send along to him?

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Anonymous said...

I used to have quite a few in my list, but most have gone dormant.

The Kosher blog http://www.kosherblog.net/ is the only one I know going strong besides the about.com kshoer blog at

A few of the good but dormant ones:


plum said...

Thanks for these links.

I am going to host kosher guests soon and wanted to make sure that I prepared food in accordance with their needs.l

nika said...

plum: knowing the VERY MANY different ways people keep kosher, if I were having friends over that kept kosher I would bring them more into the menu planning process. If you have never kept kosher before and this is a first step for you, your friends should help you make choices that are easy for you to prepare correctly and easy for them to enjoy without concerns that you might not have understood certain rules.

Good luck! Remember, Joan Nathan is an excellent recipe resource for you regarding kosher foods and jewish cuisine.

Rachael Narins said...

Despite the appearance of pork and shellfish on my site, a lot of my recipes are kosher...I keep meaning to tag them as so.Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Anything I cook and post about is kosher, so all my recipes are de facto kosher. I've also been running a kosher mini-series and regularly rant about kosher issues. Despite all that, I wouldn't describe my blog as kosher per se.

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