Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogger Migration

I'm thinking of upgrading from Blogger to Blogger Beta, but in view of the blogging problems I've had before and rumours about problems posting comments when logged onto one version but posting to a blog using the other version, I'm a bit worried. Has anyone had experience of this migration and if so how did it go?

This Post was written by Trig from Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef


Liz said...

So funny- I just created a new blog in Beta- hopefully it didn't switch the others as well.

I will let you know what I encounter. In the meantime I'm hoping other folks will chime in here1

Liz said...

Okay, first off it took two seconds because I started something brand new.

So far no problems that I can see, so I'm sorry to say I'm really not much help here.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I switched from Blogger to Blogger Beta a couple months ago and I haven't had any problems *but* I can't accept my Food Blog S'cool invitation. :(

Anonymous said...

You've raised a very good question here. Recently, i have been wondering why every time i post a comment on some blogger platform blogger friends, although i go through choosing 'other' on the comments section and enter my name, url and word verification, once the comment is published, it doesn't link back to my site.

It didn't bother me so much at first but it's starting to annoy me because what's the point of typing out my url address if it's not going to show up?

In view of recent phenomenon of people [like me] switching to different platform, i feel that blogger is trying to outcast other platform users therefore not showing their links on comments.

Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if my url will show on this comment? :)

Just in case it doesn't, it's Mae here from riceandnoodles :)

Trig said...

Thanks for your responses, guys. I'd appreciate feedback from anyone else who has experienced this migration.

kamagra said...

The beta version of blogger gives me a lot of problems, I prefer the old one due it's customization options.

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