Tuesday, November 07, 2006

[content] Gannett Enlists Citizen Journalists

"Gannett Co., the nation's largest newspaper chain, plans to create stories with information from bloggers, people who post in Internet discussion groups and other non-journalists in hopes of winning readers from the Internet, television and other news sources"

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nika said...

Is this a GOOD thing? Will they be a splog? Will they get permission from these blogs and commenters on BBS/discussion boards?

Knowing Gannett, I do not have the greatest confidence in the impartial use of these information resources.

Willa Frank said...

The Cincinnati Enquirer (a Gannett newspaper) has been firing veteran reporters for the past couple of years and replacing them with young writers with next to no experience -- if, indeed, they replace them at all.

Most of the time it seems they are picking up newswire reports instead (as from USA Today) and moving the more substantial (or longer, unedited versions of) articles that their local writers do to the Enquirer's BLOGS section -- which, in my opinion, has rapidly overtaken the newsprint version of the paper when it comes to real content.

IMHO, they are grasping at (free) straws and will take advantage of anyone who decides to participate. Of course, everyone does so for their own reasons, so maybe I am unduly prejudiced by our local experience.

They just started a new food blog last week. I hate it, although I do enjoy some of the other ones.

Julie said...

Interesting, though I really couldn't understand what they meant from reading the article. I don't know if it's a good thing. Probably not good for their reporters, as I imagine the scenario is probably a lot like what Willa said. Unless it's really done properly, it sounds like a way for the papers to get free content, but many citizen-contributors might not mind, I guess. I, for one, think it's too bad to see newspapers go the way of the dinosaur. Maybe this could be a good attempt to be part of the much more dynamic conversation that is going on on the internet.