Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moving Photo hosting to Flickr?

I use Typepad, and for 99.9% of my posts, have inserted photos into my posts from my computer, basically hosting them at typepad, which is fine, except that I am really exceeding my bandwidth. One way they suggest of extending bandwidth is to host some content at shared hosting sites. I thought I might move all of my pictures to Flickr, which I already use but not really for blogging. Has anyone done this or another type of shared hosting for content? I don't want to lose anything.

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nika said...

I host all of my images at flickr. Have from the beginning.

Are you asking if people have had to go back through all their posts and modify the posts to source the images to flickr? That sounds like a big job.

Are you asking how one does the code for the image (instead of hitting the upload button)? You hit the all sizes button above your pic (which must eb set to public) and select the size you want it rendered at and then you cut and paste the code on that page (down below the image) into your blog post.

Hope that makes sense

Anonymous said...

I'm also having bandwidth issues and have considered using Flickr images on my blog (I currently mirror all my photos on Flickr anyway, so it's not that much more work).

My only caution is that flickr is sometimes slow to load. A good comprimise is to serve up thumbnails on your own hosting, but link them to the full images on flickr.

I've been on flickr for 2 years now and have thousands of photos there and other than the sometimes slow site I'm extremely happy with the service. The uploading and tagging is really great.

Anonymous said...

I have hosted all my images on Flickr from the beginning too. One thing that *really* helps with the slow uploading is to get one of the many free batch-upload programs. I use jUploadr and am very happy with it, but there are several others here.

Lisa the Waitress said...

I guess I am talking about moving existing photos from Typepad to Flickr, yes. It does sound like a big job, I was hoping (against hope) there would be some faster way of doing it besides putting every old photo in Flickr and then changing the code, but probably not.

And the slow loading is one of my biggest concerns, so thanks for the uploader tip.

Erin S. said...

I love flickr. I use flickruploader to move lots of photos quickly and it works like a charm. Plus, if you want to, you can cross reference your posts on flickr (as captions to the pictures) and bring folks who find you on flickr to your blog if you'd like.

s'kat said...

I'm in the same boat, having switched blogging services (blogger to typepad) AND image hosting services (pbase to flickr).

I've finally gotten all of my old images up on flickr, but have been putting off re-linking everything. My time on pbase is going to expire soon, so if you figure out a way to make this painless, please let me know,lol!

I do like flickr, with the exception of how S*L*O*W*L*Y it loads, and the fact that you can't see captions under a slideshow.

Ziz said...

Sorry for the very late response on this.

I made the switch from blogger to typepad about a year ago and had to re-upload all my photos using flickr. Yes, it is a huge task. BUT -- This did nothing at all to relieve the bandwidth.

I just now had to switch BACK to blogger because I was always approaching my bandwidth limits.

I emailed typepad and the only option they offered me was to pay $50/month to host my POSTS (not pictures) somewhere else.

kitchenmage said...

Me two, err, eight! I'm in the process of doing this and am mostly happy with how it's going. Some flakiness with uploads, but reasonable enough.

Even editing the posts isn't that bg a deal, sure it's a bit tedious, but it's also totally brainless so grab your notebook computer and a movie. I'm doing mine one month at a time, although I started with the "adorable kittens" category because it gets about 25% of my traffic at the moment. Get a group of posts in the List Post screen, open each one in a browser tab, then edit and close one at a time. Take a couple of minutes a post and you can edit the image info on flickr when you're looking at the image to get the code. It's a rhythm thing.

Now what I need to figure out is how to optimize my use of flickr, but that's a subject for another post!